The Negotiating Table provides dispute resolution and training services to businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and individuals.

We help people resolve disputes through mediation, a confidential, non-binding, low-risk dispute resolution method in which a neutral third-party mediator helps disputing parties discuss their differences and come to understandings that promote resolution. Our mediators are experienced in a diverse array of disputes, including contract, employment, discrimination, financial insolvency, housing, divorce, and others.

We provide training workshops in negotiation, conflict management, and mediation skills. Our workshops are interactive, fast-paced, and custom-tailored for each client organization. We also conduct public workshops at our offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Services provided by The Negotiating Table include the following:

Conflict Resolution:



Dispute Mediation

Mediation is a confidential, relatively inexpensive, less confrontational, low risk yet extremely effective process for resolving your disputes.

Custom Workshops

Custom training workshops in negotiation and/or conflict management focus on your organization's unique needs, providing effective, practical skills that participants can apply immediately in their work.

Negotiation Coaching

We help you prepare for your negotiations, plan your strategy, and develop responses to information and tactics that you encounter during the negotiation.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation provides an opportunity for divorcing couples to create your own separation agreement, with considerably less stress and expense than settling your differences through an adversarial legal process.

Public Seminars

Public seminars provide negotiation and/or conflict management training opportunities for individuals, independent business people, and representatives of smaller companies and organizations.

Conflict Management Advice

We provide confidential advice on managing potentially destructive internal and external conflicts in organizations, leading to improved working relationships and more efficient operations.

Meeting Facilitation

We provide professional, neutral, meeting facilitation, creating a structure and a process to guide participants through tough issues and achieve results.

Public Speaking

We deliver engaging lectures and lively discussions about negotiation and/or conflict management issues of interest to your business group, professional organization, corporation, conference session, or trade show.

Research & Writing

We research and write custom role-plays for your organization, drawing from the experiences of participants and our knowledge of the field. We also create content for publications, newsletters, videos, and on-line productions.

Breaking News:

The Listening Triangle

The Listening Triangle is a powerful tool developed by Moshe Cohen to help you draw out interests and negotiate more effectively . If you would like us to send you a recent article explaining The Listening Triangle, please email or call us at (617) 577-0101.

Role-Plays and Negotiation Games:

Did you know that we provide organizations and training groups with role plays to suit their needs for interactive negotiation training? We have a large bank of existing roleplays, with teaching notes and instructions. We also write custom role-plays and exercises for groups with specialized needs. To get our complete list of role-plays or inquire about custom exercises, please email or call us at (617) 577-0101.

Attention small business owners:

If you would like to provide training for your staff but can not afford the high cost of in-house customized training, we now have a new option to offer you: On-demand public seminars. Simply guarantee us a minimum of six attendees, and we will schedule any one of our public seminars around a date that is convenient to you. The seminar will still be open to the public, but you will set the date, and your issues will dominate the agenda, giving you many of the advantages of custom training at a very affordable cost.

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Attention Attorneys:

Accredited CLE Online

Adapted from live courses, accredited CLE is now available online in an interactive multimedia format. The state of the art delivery system allows you the convenience to participate at any time in this format. You have the ability to start, stop, and revisit the seminar independently. Please visit for a rich and engaging learning experience.

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